This is the CPPS list any CPPS on this page means its fun and safe and ready for you to play also we will have the closed CPPS and the CPPS that are currently down please if we ever add the banners for the CPPS on this page don’t copy the banners without permission even we won’t copy them without permission so yeah look at the list

mCPPS- Online

Register for mCPPS- http://mcpserver.no-ip.org/blog/register.php

Play Web client- http://mcpserver.no-ip.org/play/

Website- http://mcpserver.no-ip.org

HPPS- Online

Register- http://hpps.info/register/

Play Web client- http://play.hpps.info

Website- http://hpps.info

iCPSA- Online

Register- http://icpsa.y0.pl/register.php

Play Web client- http://icpsa-webclient.cba.pl/play/

Website- http://icpsa.y0.pl/


Atlantic Penguin – Online

Register- http://atlanticpenguin.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=62&Itemid=75

Play Webclient- http://atlanticpenguin.com/play/

Website- http://atlanticpenguin.com/


HPPS (Penguin Private Server)- Online

Register- http://hpps.info/register/

Play Webclient- http://play.hpps.info/

Website- http://hpps.info/


CPYS (Club Penguin: Your Server)- Online

Register- http://cpcheatscp.com/register/

Play Webclient- http://cpcheatscp.com/play/

Website- http://cpcheatscp.com


CP-Pro (Club Penguin-Pro)- Online

Register- http://www.cp-pro.co.cc/register/

Play Webclient- http://www.cp-pro.co.cc/play/

Website- http://www.cp-pro.co.cc/


Penguin Safari (PS)- Online but it might shutdown because of a lack of money visit their site and donate if you want!

Register- http://play.penguinsafari.info/register.php

Play Webclient- http://play.penguinsafari.info/

Website- http://penguinsafri.info/


iCPPS- Online    Guys I don’t want to post much about iCPPS because iCPPS is selling passwords its recommended you don’t play it!

Website- http://icpps.com/ PRETTY SURE THATS THE LINK!


Penguin World (PW)- Currently down although it has not shutdown it was sold so they are rebooting servers adding custom items, rooms and whatever

Website- http://www.penguinworld.info/


HypeCP- Shutdown

Reason- Lack of money for server


Penguin Elite (PE)- Offline but I have heard it may be coming back!

Reason- Recieved Legal papers from Disney


xCPPS- Shutdown

Reason- Lack of money for server


Club Penguin V- Reopened so Online

Register- I will get the link

Play Webclient- I will get the link

Website- I will get the link


PrivateCP- Shutdown

Reason- Lack of money for server and I think they were scared of disney I will check


iCPv1, iCPv2 and iCPv3- All Shutdown

Reason- Cease and Desist (CD)

Well that’s it for now please leave a comment



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